2019 Lone Star Fire Conference - First Due Engine – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

2019 Lone Star Fire Conference - First Due Engine

This 4 hour hands-on session will cover:

  • Hose Deployment
  • 2.5" operations and an equalizer mindset
  • Hose bundles for long and short stretches
  • Body mechanics and hallway and stairway advances
  • Maximizing minimal staffing with a force multiplying mindset

Howard Rinewalt

Howard Rinewalt is the Fire Chief at East Montgomery County Fire. Howard has been with East County for 16 years and has served in every role from Volunteer to Fire Chief.

Howard is an Advanced TCFP firefighter, an Officer 4, Hazmat Tech, TCFP Driver Operator, Incident Safety Officer, and Rope Rescue Tech.

Howard worked on an Engine most of his career and has a passion for the operations of the First Due Engine and the actions selected to create a Rescue supportive Attack Model. When Seconds count, he counts seconds!