2019 Lone Star Fire Conference - FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE KITCHEN – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

2019 Lone Star Fire Conference - FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE KITCHEN

New and experienced company officers alike end up sitting at the firehouse kitchen table at some point during their tour of duty whether fully paid, combination, or volunteer. In many fire departments the kitchen table is where ‘the judge, jury, and trials’ take place regarding life in the firehouse. Aside from a cup of coffee or wholesome meal, it is also a place where much laughter takes place and many arguments take off as the company officer is often left to intervene.

This seminar combines the art of leadership, coaching, and refereeing as a company officer using a mix of instructor presentation with an interactive firehouse kitchen table to re-enact actual events that will test any good company officer.

Each managerial and leadership challenge will be based on an actual occurrence experienced by the instructors. Each challenge will have a brief presentation outlining recommended behaviors for the company officer when confronted by certain types of individuals and/or behaviors, followed by a corresponding kitchen table challengefor willing participants who wish to not only learn, but also gain experience!

Instructors:    Ray Orozco    Rick Kolomay