Ambush & Lethal Environment Recognition Training for Law Enforcement.- – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Ambush & Lethal Environment Recognition Training for Law Enforcement.-Chickasaw, AL

Instructor: Randy Merriman

Dates: February 25-27, 2020

Location: Chickasaw Police Department - Chickasaw, AL

Investment: $300 digital book or $325 with printed book

Course Overview:

We have recognized the need to mitigate the growing trend of injuries and deaths related to targeted ambush/surprise encounters against law enforcement personnel and have developed a training program to counter those trends. These learned skill sets will dramatically enhance and improve the law enforcement officer’s Awareness and Threat Detection (ATD) capabilities. The training can help law enforcement officers thwart potential ambush situations and turn them from a distinct disadvantage into a lifesaving tactical advantage. It benefits SWAT team tactics as well as patrol officers conducting routine patrol, special events, traffic stops etc. and protects all officers from ambush-type situations. The training also teaches officers methods to accurately assess violator/public contacts and gives the officer the ability to predict the potential for an encounter to escalate into a threatening event. 

The program is designed to directly enhance the Law Enforcement personnel capabilities in advanced threat awareness skills and allows an aggressive approach to observe and identify booby traps, IED’s, ambushes and threats in a multitude of environments through threat indicators that exist in the surrounding environment. The program teaches officers how to establish baselines in these environments and how to recognize certain anomalies that indicate potential threats through human behavior, body language and ground sign awareness.