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Fire Investigations

Advanced Fire Investigation based on NFPA® 921 & NFPA® 1033

Basic Fire Scene Evidence Collection, Preservation and Documentation 

Electrical Fire and Arson Investigation

Fatality Fire Scene Investigations Course - Vicki Schaefer

Fire Fatality Investigations -Tim Yandell

Fire Fatality Investigations Book – Tim Yandell

Fire Investigations Training Program

Fire Scene Examination: Reading & Identifying The Fire Patterns Course

Introduction to Fire Investigation, Phase I

Introduction to Fire Investigation, Phase II 

Introduction to Fire Investigation-40 Hour

Marine Fire Investigations Course

NFPA® 1033 JPR Demonstrating Compliance for Fire Investigators

Law Enforcement

Human Trafficking Course

Stress Regulation/Resiliency Course

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation® - Level 1

Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation ®: Level 1 & 2

Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® – Level 3 & 4

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation ®: Street and Road Officers