Detect Deter Defeat: Human Behavior Threat Analysis for First Responde – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Detect Deter Defeat: Human Behavior Threat Analysis for First Responders-Chickasaw, AL

Instructor: Randy Merriman

Dates: May 18-20, 2020

Location: Chickasaw Police Department - Chickasaw, AL

Investment: $300 digital book or $325 with printed book

Course Overview:

Detect – Human Behavior Analysis is a method of observing people and accurately predicting what their next course of action will be. Social Science has concluded that human behavior can be quite predictable and it gives the bearer an ability to influence actions and reactions at all levels of public contact. Wouldn't it be beneficial for the 1st responder to know ahead of time if encounters are going to result in malice or harm toward them? This program teaches the 1st responder to recognize behavior cues that improve their ability to make accurate assumptions about an individual’s thought process, emotional state and plans of action. It also allows the 1st responder to detect individuals who are being deceptive and assist in locating criminals attempting to hide in crowds.

 Deter – Human behavior analysis allows a 1st responder to effectively spot dangerous individuals and defuse potential problems before they ever get out of the box. They can also use this information to assist in de-escalating tensions, avoiding potential violent confrontations and maintain stability of volatile situations or hostile scenes. 1st responders will be able to identify those who consider them as a threat and those who consider them as non-threatening. They will be able to identify the differences between a person who is angry, distraught, mentally disturbed, highly emotional, or whether that person has intentions of malice and harm.

 Defeat – How much safer and more effective would an 1st responder be if he or she had the ability to know what a person’s intent is before that action takes place? Being able to observe and understand human behavior indicators gives the 1st responder an ability to better control any deteriorating situation and produce a more favorable and nonviolent outcome. This program teaches the 1st responder methods and actions to diffuse hostilities and defend themselves without resulting in conflict or violence.