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Fatal Fire Scene Investigations Course


The scene of any fatal fire is itself evidence, and requires two separate, but related, investigations. The first law enforcement officer or firefighter to arrive incurs the serious responsibility of securing the fire scene and taking precautions to protect the body and the scene. Improper handling of the fire scene can destroy the indicators needed to determine the causes of death and the fire.

This course gives fire investigators, law enforcement officers, insurance investigators, and DA investigators in-depth guidance on the investigation of the fire fatalities, including proper photography, diagramming, and examination of the body. In addition to procedural knowledge, it includes awareness of human behavior in a fire and what information may be obtained from physical material, victim position, and location. Participants will learn the considerations, guidelines, and procedures to avoid and oversight, ensure thoroughness, and comply with requirements that may affect the investigation's outcome.

Up completing this class:
Participants will be able to:
- Determine the proper sequence for investigating fatal fires
- Establish scene security and accountability
- Document the location of the fatality
- Explain the importance of the fire victim's locations, position, and appearance
- Know the two types of investigations required in a fatal fire
- List methods for identifying the victim

This class is eligible for 16 hours of tested continuing education.


Vickie Schaefer

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