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Fire Scene Examination: Reading & Identifying The Fire Patterns Course


The role of the fire investigator is more than just determining the origin and the ignition of the fire. In order to make an accurate determination, it is important for the fire investigator to have a complete understanding of fire behavior and development, ventilation, building construction and the effects on the scene created during the suppression of the fire. During the fire scene examination, the investigator must have a strong understanding of the effects of the fire on the building materials and the contents of the room in order to recognize and accurately interpret the fire patterns contained within the fire scene.

This class will examine the “FINGERPRINTS OF THE FIRE” which teaches the attendee to recognize fire patterns and how the fire created these fire patterns. This class is presented in accordance with NFPA 921, Chapter 6, 2017 Edition. Each fire effect and fire pattern is clearly examined through the use of actual fire scene photographs and actual live fire videos. Case studies are also presented for the attendee to work with other investigators in group exercises.

At the end of this class, the attendee will be able to apply this information to his or her next fire scene examination. This new information will assist the fire investigator in reaching a correct conclusion regarding the origin of the fire, identifying the most competent ignition source and determining the correct fire cause classification.

This class is eligible for 24 tested hours of continuing education.


Steve Chasteen

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