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Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe Equipped Buildings

Virtual Training

Instructor: Assistant Chief Dave McGrail

 Date: June 15, 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Investment: $50 registration only; $125 registration  and Chief McGrail's book Firefighting Operations In High-Rise and Standpipe-Equipped Buildings. The book will be shipped to you. The book is not guaranteed to arrive before May 27, 2020.

The training program is a one-day seminar on Firefighting Operations in High-Rise and Standpipe Equipped Buildings. This seminar is designed to give chief officers, company officers, and firefighters a solid foundation upon which to build a comprehensive operational plan for high-rise firefighting.

Chief McGrail will utilize his 36-years of fire service experience, from Nozzleman to Incident Commander, along with his years of research and development to outline and explain the critical components necessary to successfully, and as safely as possible, combat a high-rise fire. The lessons learned from several fire service case studies, including numerous high-rise fires that Chief McGrail has operated at, will take attendees from the basics to the battle.

The central theme of Chief McGrail’s training seminar is a proper firefighting mindset, emphasizing the need to continually fight the deadly disease of complacency. Attendees will be given a brief review of the construction of both high-rise and low-rise (standpipe equipped) buildings, with a focus on the standpipe system, and the dangers associated with standpipe system pressure regulating devices (pressure reducing valves / pressure restricting devices).

A comprehensive discussion of engine company operations, with an emphasis on “proper weapon selection” will highlight the critical tools necessary for successful standpipe operations along with the fundamental techniques and procedures to make these operations extremely user friendly.

Chief McGrail will also address several of the essential truck company (support) functions, from forcible entry to search operations. This will include Chief McGrail’s Ten, Truck Company, High-Rise, Operational R’s.

The chorography of the entire operation rests with the incident commander and a solid command structure to achieve overall command and control. Chief McGrail will provide a recipe for success outlining the six essential areas of command and control utilizing the incident command system (ICS) / national incident management system (NIMS).

This seminar will provide a comprehensive understanding of the essential components necessary to achieve success at high-rise operations. Attendees of this seminar will leave armed with vital information, and become re-energized to accomplish our most important mission, fire suppression, in our most complicated fire environment, the high-rise building.