Hostage Negotiation Advanced Course 40 Hours – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Hostage Negotiation Advanced Course 40 Hours

Instructor: Jack Cambria

Course Curriculum:

This forty-hour advanced course is specifically designed to further enhance and develop the fundamental skills of the successful law enforcement or military crisis negotiator. It will further prepare the advanced student to meet the rigorous requirements and certification criteria of an agency’s hostage or crisis negotiation team. Instruction includes current trends within the negotiation field, techniquesfor engagement with the hostile subject, de-escalation tactics, managing high emotions, intelligence gathering, overcoming difficult demands, resolving issues within the inner perimeter, text messaging negotiations, negotiating with terrorists, and much more. Challenging scenario-based exercises are an integral part of thecourse and provide an opportunity to practice and improve previously acquired negotiation skills. The training curriculum is based on the National Council of Negotiation Associations (NCNA) nationally recommended forty-hour training week for the advanced course, along with other nationally recognized training standards. The curriculum may be modified within acceptable standards to better meet individual training objectives.

Training will include, but is not limited to the following topics: 

Advanced 40-Hour Course:

  • Gathering Intelligence/NOC Operations
  • Text Messaging Negotiations
  • Diverse Populations (military/elderly/juveniles/autistic)
  • Face to Face Negotiations
  • Active Listening Skills - Advanced
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Suicide by Cop
  • Police Suicide
  • Negotiating with Hostage(s)
  • Stockholm Syndrome/Reversed Stockholm Syndrome/London Syndrome
  • Negotiating with Terrorists (Pulse Nightclub Review)
  • Gender Negotiating Differences
  • Incident Case Reviews
  • Legal Issues Revisited
  • Negotiating through a Translator
  • Scenario Based Role Play Training
  • Much More

 Recommended Audience:

Any law enforcement officer who is currently a member of their agency’s crisis or hostage negotiation team and has attended a certified forty-hour basic hostage negotiation course. These would include police officers, deputies, correctional officers, military personnel, and team psychologists. This course will also serve as recurrent refresher training for an agency’s crisis or hostage negotiators.