Practical Kinesic Roadside & Field Interview ®- LaPorte, IN – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Practical Kinesic Roadside & Field Interview ®- LaPorte, IN

Practical Kinesic Roadside & Field Interview ®

Instructor: Stan B. Walters

Dates: October 14-15, 2019

Location: LaPorte County Fairgrounds

Investment: $250 with Digital Manual $275 with Printed Manual

Cancellation Policy

2 Day Course

  A training program that teaches the student how to use behavioral analysis tools to identify significant signs of stress and deception while maintaining control of the roadside or field interview environment.  The course is designed to help patrol officers and first responders maximize their ability to gain valuable information from victims, witnesses and subjects as quickly, efficiently, and accurately as possible while maintaining cooperation and compliance.

The 2 Day Practical Kinesic Roadside & Field Interview™ class covers:

Practical Kinesic Principles & the "8" C's...
The guidelines necessary to maximize the interview results of all victims, witnesses and subjects.

Verbal Cues...
Make faster and more accurate assessments of verbal behaviors during field interviews. The significance of changes in a person's voice quality and the meaning of speech content. Which cues are merely signs of stress and which cues are associated with a higher risk of evasion or deception.

Interview Management...
Techniques for recognizing the mental and emotional changes of a interview subject. How to respond to and control those changes for maximum compliance, cooperation and information recovery. Understanding Reaction and Response behaviors.

Body Language Cues ...
Discover how to isolate and accurately define the elusive silent cues of body language. Which ones indicate deception or are merely just general stress on the part of the subject.

Admission Behaviors ...
Identification and recognition of the verbal and nonverbal acceptance cues generated by a subject who is prepared to give an admission or confession.