Principles of Hostage Negotiations – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Principles of Hostage Negotiations


Instructor: Jack Cambria

Law enforcement and security work can be, and often is, a physically and emotionally demanding profession. Conflict is an integral part of the daily operation within these working environments. How an officer responds to a confrontational encounter will determine either a productive or an unproductive outcome. If the outcome proves unproductive, then the potential exists for injury, an inappropriate arrest situation, use of force allegations, civilian complaints and even court sanctioned civil liability.

This training is specifically designed to share the skills that police hostage negotiators successfully utilize to defuse high-crisis/life and death street encounters. Reflecting on what negotiation experts do effectively can allow the student to apply and master these strategies to their everyday work environments, ranging from managing difficult street confrontations, containing misunderstandings, maintaining emotional intelligence, to even handling personal conflicts. The course curriculum addresses some of the following topics:

  • Understanding Conflict
  • Communication Approaches
  • Communication Blockers
  • Understanding Perceptions
  • Listening verses Hearing
  • Fundamentals of Negotiations
  • Using Tone Appropriately
  • Physiology of Emotion
  • Rapport Building Strategies
  • Professional Role and Voice Conflict
  • Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language Awareness)
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Acknowledging Status/Identifying Self-Worth
  • Applying Empathy Appropriately
  • Legal Issues in Negotiations
  • Managing Incidents Involving the Emotionally Disturbed/Mentally Ill
  • Understanding One’s Natural Reaction to Confrontation
  • Managing Impulsive Reactions (emotional intelligence)
  • Much More

 Recommended Audience:

Patrol Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Correctional Officers, Military Police and Personnel, and Security Officers. This course will also serve as recurrent refresher training for an agency’s Hostage Negotiators.