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Robert Collins

Robert Collins, Certified Fire Investigator
Robert Collins has 20 years of experience in both the Fire Service and Law Enforcement. He is also a 15 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Robert began his Coast Guard career as an Engineer and Firefighter and moved into a Law Enforcement role in both the Maritime Security and Safety divisions. He has conducted over hundreds Coast Guard boardings and safety inspections on both recreational and commercial vessels. Robert has conducted inspections on and has assisted with the installation of vessel power plant, propulsion, and auxiliary systems. Robert has numerous certifications from the USCG, ranging from engine room watch officer and marine engine analyst to boarding officer and command duty officer. He has attended the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Fire Academy and was a Damage Control Instructor and is a current member of the International Association of Marine Investigators.

Robert is currently employed as a Lieutenant/EMT and Fire/Arson Investigator for the Normal, IL Fire Department and as a Police Officer and Criminal Investigator for the Hudson and Danvers, IL Police departments. Robert is certified as a Firefighter III and an Arson Investigator through the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office. He is also a Certified Fire Investigator and Certified Evidence Collection Technician through the International Association of Arson Investigators as well as a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator by the National Association of Fire Investigators. Robert has obtained an Expert Witness certification from the International Association of Arson Investigators. Since becoming a certified investigator in 2007, he has investigated the origin and cause of many accidental and incendiary fires. As a criminal investigator, certified in interview and interrogation, Robert has obtained numerous confessions which have led to convictions in both state and federal cases.
Robert is an instructor for the following: