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Situational Awareness - Schaumburg, IL

Mike Terpak
Instructor: Michael Terpak
Date: March 11, 2020
Time: 9am-5pm
Investment: $175 includes a copy of Chief Terpak's Fire Ground Size-Up 2nd Edition, $125 with out the book.


This seminar is a MUST for every current or future fire officer! Knowing "when to stay"or "when to go"are the critical factors outlined in this seminar. Situational Awareness, or the lack of it, is a consistent series of factors that leads to the success or failure of an emergency incident. Touted as one of our most popular programs, this seminar is a 6-hour (full day) seminar designed to enhance your anticipative skills.

Course Competencies: In a manner deemed appropriate by the instructor, students will be able to:

* Understand how we make decisions.

* Recognize the Pre-incident Information Need. (PIN)

* Utilize alarm transmission information and on-scene reports to recognize as well as identify the challenges.

* Understand and identify building construction, occupancy, and height cues and their influence on your decision making.

* Recognize how resource and response capabilities can affect your operations.

* Assess structural involvement.

* Further recognize how the location of the fire influence tactics.

* Assess the Occupant life hazard and your decision to search, rescue and remove.

* Utilize IMS with “the radio” to enhance scene management and accountability.

* Recognize how time plays a critical role in your decision making.

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