Stress Regulation/Resiliency Course - Rio Rancho, NM – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Stress Regulation/Resiliency Course - Rio Rancho, NM

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Grossman

Dates: June 11-12, 2019

Time: 8am - 4:30pm

Location: Rio Rancho Police Department - Rio Rancho, NM

Hotel Recommendation: Hilton Garden Inn

Investment: $225 with Digital Manual or $250 with Printed Manual

The Stress Management and Resiliency course provides first responders the education, training, and tools necessary to achieve optimal performance and sustain it for a safe, long and healthy career. The focus of this course is “Prevention” through psychological skills training and the development of key stress regulation techniques targeting improved performance and reducing long-term cumulative PTSD. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics will learn to enhance self-awareness and self-regulation skills which are the foundation of resiliency. The Stress Management and Resiliency course includes evidence-based strategies aimed at helping first responders regulate stress throughout their careers, enhancing overall mental health and well-being.

Through the knowledge gained in the class and applied biofeedback training, first responders will gain new skills to regulate the stress response on command. Content covered works in conjunction with technical training participants receive throughout their careers by teaching them how to control their minds and bodies during and after critical situations, decreasing the likelihood of chronic health issues and cumulative PTSD. In addition to course content, first responders will complete a Stress Management Continued Care Plan which can help them gain a range of benefits impacted by stress such as lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, improved immune function and ability to fight illness, improved cognitive function (i.e. faster and more accurate decision making skills), improved mental wellness, decreased frustration/anger and overall improved well-being. First responders completing the course will gain immediate take-aways for improved sleep, work-life balance, and more critically, enhanced function for a safe and long career in their respective fields.

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Focus and concentrate with sharpness amongst distractions
  • Learn to achieve an optimal state of activation depending on the situation
  • Realize a heightened level of self-awareness
  • Self-Regulate more effectively and efficiently in order to achieve optimal performance and sustain it
  • Be more resilient in high stress, high pressure situations, over longer periods of time
  • Make better instinctive and intuitive decisions
  • Enhance their overall physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Sleep with more ease and achieve a better work-life balance
  • Reduce the effects of cumulative PTSD

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