Terrorism: The New Reality for First Responders - Carol Stream, IL – Carterson Public Safety Group, Inc

Terrorism: The New Reality for First Responders - Carol Stream, IL

Terrorism class
Instructors: Deputy Assistant Chief (Ret.) John Norman, FDNY and ESU Detective (Ret.) David Norman, NYPD, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Reid L. Sawyer, Director and one of the founders of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
Date: December 5, 2018
Location: Carol Stream Fire District Station 28, 365 N. Kuhn Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188
Investment: $125
This 8 hour program is designed to increase awareness among the communities’ first responders of the various roles, capabilities, and interactions that are involved with resolving one of the world’s most unpredictable and potentially devastating events. The class will include an analysis of the threat environment, and response to a variety of threats, ranging from active shooter/hostage/siege situations, bombings, WMD threats and includes a discussion of the use of fire as a terrorist weapon.
Class Outline:

FD/PD/EMS Roles in Homeland Security

  • An outline of the roles the FD/PD/EMS will be called upon to fill in the event of the potential terrorist attacks.
  • Types of funding sources that may be available.
  • The key to successful grant-funded terrorism programs
  • Terrorism prevention roles

Operations at Active Shooter/Hostage/ Siege Incidents

  •  Intelligence gathering
  •  Interagency coordination
  •  FD/PD/EMS Operations

Operations at Bombings and Other Explosions

  • Historical overview of past bombing campaigns
  • Evolution of terrorist groups use of bombs
  • Examination of the Israeli experience
  • FD operations at an explosion scene
  • Threats to responders

 Operations at Chemical Attacks

  • Potential targets
  • Potential agents
  • FD/PD/EMS roles, strategy and tactics
  • Decontamination operations
  • Medical interventions

Operations at Biological Events

  • Potential targets and threats
  • Types of dispersions
  • Handling suspicious “White Powders”
  • Strategic and tactical responses to threats
  • Past responses-successes and problems

Operations at Radiological Events

  • “Dirty Bombs”
  • Detection devices and policies
  • Dosimetry and exposure limits.
  • Decontamination

 Fire as a Terrorist Weapon

  •  Previous attacks with fire
  •  Operations at a terrorism related fire

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John  Norman is a 48 year veteran of the fire service including over 27 years with the FDNY. As a Firefighter and Company Officer Chief Norman spent 17 years in the FDNY’s Special Operations units. Chief Norman served as Search and Rescue Manager for the World Trade Center site after the 9/11/01 attacks. Chief Norman retired as the Deputy Assistant Chief in charge of the Special Operations Command.

David Norman– is a 2ndGrade Detective and 33 year veteran of the NYPD and member of the Elite Emergency Service Unit. Detective Norman has been a lead instructor at the NYPD Emergency Service Units Specialized Training School for the past 13 years. Detective Norman is an Ex-Captain and over 30 year member of the Inwood Volunteer Fire Department. He retired in late 2017.