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Fires in High Rise Buildings Under Construction By Mike Terpak - On Demand

Fires in High Rise Buildings Under Construction By Mike Terpak - On Demand

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Fires in buildings Under Construction: Situational Awareness/Fire Ground Size-Up, or the lack of it, is a consistent series of factors that leads to the success or failure of an emergency incident. Based on the new text, Fire Ground Size-Up – 2nd. Edition, this program is 75-minute webinar designed to enhance your anticipative skills in one of our most challenging buildings.

Course Competencies: In a manner deemed appropriate by the instructor, students will be able to:

* Recognize the need for a dedicated inspection program.

* Understand and identify building construction and height challenges and their influence on your decision making.

* Recognize how resource and response capabilities can affect your operations.

* Assess structural involvement.

* Further recognize how the location of the fire influence tactics.

* Assess the Occupant life hazard and your decision to search, rescue and remove.

* Recognize how time plays a critical role in your decision making.

* Review a case study through video and actual radio transmissions.

Michael Terpak has been in the fire service for 41 years spending the last 36 years with the Jersey City Fire Department where he recently retired as a Deputy Chief and City-Wide Tour Commander. Throughout his career he has worked in the city’s Lafayette and Greenville areas with Engines 10 & 17, Ladder 12, Rescue 1, Chief of the city’s 2nd. Battalion and the former Chief in-charge of the city’s Training Division. In addition to the above, he was also the High-Rise Training Coordinator for Jersey City. Terpak travels extensively around the country lecturing on fire/rescue topics and is the founder of Promotional Prep, a New Jersey based consulting firm designed to prepare firefighters and fire officers studying for promotional exams.

Chief Terpak, who also holds a BS degree in Fire Safety Administration from the City University of New Jersey,  is an adjunct professor for the Fire Science Technology program at Sussex County Community College, and is the author of five best-selling books, “Fire Ground Size-Up”, “Assessment Center Strategy and Tactics” ,“Fire Ground Operational Guides” Assessment Center Management and Supervision” and Fire Officer Oral Assessment Study Guides.”

The NEW 2nd. Edition of “Fire Ground Size-Up”

Time: 1 hour 27 minutes

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