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Tower Ladder Operational Overviews

Tower Ladder Operational Overviews

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The Tower Ladder operations are very dynamic and can often make or break an offensive firefight.

Apparatus positioning with these units at various types of structures, will enable us to perform multiple tasks. Operating the tower during hydraulic operations, rescue and removals and working out of the bucket with unusual service calls makes it important that firefighters understand tower ladder operations. It is also important that firefighters understand there are “beyond the books” learning opportunities and “street smart” skills, tactics and tips which will assist us in overall tower ladder operations. These tactics might include transporting portable ladders with bucket, extending the reach of the tower ladder, cutting roofs from the bucket and unusual rescue tactics. Attending this session will surely enhance your operational skills and mindset.

 Instructor: Michael Ciampo, Lieutenant @FDNY

Michael Ciampo is a Lieutenant and 29 year veteran of the FDNY where he had been assigned as a firefighter, chauffeur and officer in a tower ladder for the last 27 years. Previously, he spent 5 years with the District of Columbia FD (DCFD). He has a BA in fire science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY. He is featured in truck company operation videos on Fire Engineering’s Training Minutes and writes the monthly back page feature On Fire in the magazine. He is the lead instructor for the FDIC Truck Essentials hands-on training class and teaches truck company and tower ladder operations across the country.

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